recently, many foreign persons come my site. however, my site almost Japanese writing. i think no understanding. therefore, today I’m gonna try to communicate with foreigners in English.

I’ve written two articles before on this site. “dream” and “as for yerterday” check it out if you’d like and pls leave some comment.

The content of these two articles is universal, so I think we can talk about a variety of opinions and impressions.

In near future, I’ll have to greeting to a foreign company. that’s why I need your help for brush up my English.

Awaiting your msg. thanks.


  1. Cio より:

    You’ve finally succeeded to fix up your website pages so that the visitors can put comments on here 🙂 I’m so glad.

    Might we make some conversation in English on the next encounter like I used to do? lol

    Hope many readers will come to your pages.