Sometimes I have the worst dream and get up. A dream I often see is a dream that I will repeat when I am in high school. How many times have I seen it? When I was a high school student, I made a table on the desk in the classroom and took a rest to try to miss as much as possible.

As a result, I successfully graduated without repeating, but I have a dream that I will be absent more than the limit and repeat. Every time I wake up, I think it would have been nice to go through normally. However, there are merits. Every time I dream this dream, can I fulfill my contract as schedule? Is there a possibility that there will be a delay? I am shaping up, mistakes have been reduced for my job.

Companies do not evaluate educational background.The time has come when companies want to hire people who are followed by 10,000 people, even if they have no educational background.

So it doesn’t matter if I repeat the year or quit. This isn’t just about school, it doesn’t matter how many times we change jobs, no matter where the company we used to be. All that matters is a positive attitude.

I think there will be more such companies in near future. If you can do what you like at a company that has this policy, you’ll be smiling everyday. Let’s find it. Let’s create it.

You were always smiling in the dream you drew when you were a little child?


  1. geasow より:

    You still have bad dreams that you were worst in life, but I’m relieved to know those aren’t so bad for you.

    Telling the truth, I’d withdrawn for a while when I was in high school, so I haven’t even had dreams that I was in those days though.

    I felt I lost the reasons to attend the school when I knew that the other mates who went to school without absenteeism get less scores than mine.Come to think of my past, I’ve been totally negative.

    Your word “it doesn’t matter how many times we change the jobs” gives me positive feeling. We are now coming to the future, the past just stands seeing our backs.