as for Yesterday

you know the Beatles ?

don’t you forget the Beatles?

It’s fantastic movie. The movie title is Yesterday.

before, I was thinking of watching this movie in the cinema. However, I missed the opportunity due to I was busy. I went to Tsutaya to buy a book today, I was stop by rental video corner, this movie started renting. of course catch up.

As I mentioned above, this movie is really amazing. There’s no complain for story, cast, etc. Especially the sound and the music are great, five stars for me. The Jack(Protagonist name) song also seems to bring out goodness of the Beatles song. (Ed sheeran accepted defeat gracefully in this movie)

screenplay by Richard Curtis, i love also Love actually. he handles this movie too.

These two movies are in the top 5 movie rankings in my movie, so please watch it!

really regret not seeing it in the cinema.

After all, when we want to see it in the cinema, we have to watch. isn’t it?


one word, one love, one life.